Dump the Mask

The environmental damage caused by the millions and millions of masks dumped in landfills, storm water drains, sewer lines, streets, parks, driveways, oceans, creeks, etc., essentially everywhere, is simply going to be colossal

It pals when compared with the one, so much publicized, caused by the plastic bags; it is estimated that they will take 400 years before decomposing into micro plastic.

The widely suggested and encouraged use of the masks should be promptly changed and eliminated because not only serves no purpose but represents a persistence suggestion to people that the body, as provided by nature, is unable to face and defeat the virus by simply using its own inbuilt energies and inner qualities perfected though centuries via trials and errors.

 (See the article using the body’s own energies”) Essentially the use of the masks represent a sign of defeat without the need for any personal action. 

By using the masks, people are just sitting ducks (Damocles’ sword) ready to passively accept whatever is coming their way. It is like waiting passively for an execution.

 It take courage and conviction to tell the majorities what the majority does not want to hear while on the other hand is much more comfortable to tell them what they like to be told relieving them of the responsibility.

 As proven already by many cases, while the virus develops resistance and mutates, at the same time, the immune system become stronger facing the changes as they come.

 The latest variants, as reported, while more aggressive also appear to be less virulent with symptom less deadly but can still carry long lasting consequences. 

The symptoms can, almost certainly be treated at home, like an ordinary cold or flu, with the use simple medications like “Panadol” or similar while not requiring any form of hospitalization.

 People must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves now and in their future. At the moment, when it comes to corona virus”, there is a general sense of despair and uncertainty.

 How can be explained that the human race wants to reach Mars and seem to be unable to defeat a microscopic virus here on earth! 

They must understand that the best way out is to adopt a healthy life, healthy diet an daily exercise letting the body take care of the problem. BY LEAVING IT DO THE JOB!! 

It is certainly clear that nature does not dispute or argue the issues but it will simply proceed without inhibitions and ultimately the one who disregard and forget its rules, will invariably pay the price.