Health is like the money: look after it when got it because once lost is very difficult to gain it back.

Muscular inertia can be di origin of many known and unknown health problems. This certainly explains and justifies the immense media publicity and advertising of physical activities valid for every body of any age. 

Periodicals are flooded by an interminable offer of physical apparatuses of every kind and shape just to find them, many times, pushed under the bed, staked into cupboards, relegated completely forgotten inside the attics gathering dust and corroded by the rust and time.

 Many person could probably consider that a life of complete inactivity is a perfect life only to regret it after few years when they realise that is too late but time cannot be reversed and end up deeply regret their decisions. 

Nature has provided the body with all the necessary equipment for virtually any type of exercise without the need of going to gymnasiums and search for specialized equipment and encounter extra expenses. (see the article “The golfer).  

On close consideration enrolling in such activities, apart from the cost, it is clearly an indication that an individual lacks the mental determination to self- impose and set aside the time necessary without relying on somebody else to organize them.

 Ultimately the time spent is practically the same and the only difference is the lack of self- regulation and determination. The moral of the story is well known and recognised: Never give up because the untapped source of energy offered by the brain together with the physical body is immense.

 It does not matter how little or how much one is capable of exercising but the effort has to be constant and relentless, the mental satisfaction for the achievementis certainly rewording. Satisfaction not limited to a short period of time but spanning right through the whole life benefiting every-body else around morally and financially.