Facing Corona Virus Using Body’s Own Resources

Given the present health situation, I think it would be sensible to refer to the invaluable amount of information accumulated within the human brain and available twenty four hours, any time, day or night; such enormous mental volume of practical knowledge is referred to as LIFE EXPERIENCE. 

Is stored within the brain even if we are not aware of its existence and assists the individual during difficult situations because is part of the human intelligence.

 Is accumulated in the course of generations and generations, does not wear out and no artificial intelligence will ever replace it. With this in mind, it would be proper to use it in conjunction with the body’s own natural resources attempting to confront the problem at hand and possible future ones. 

The concept that the action of tapping and vibrating the muscles when cramped, or even just stressed, for the purpose of relaxing them, is considered a form of massage because it stimulates the cells promoting a better blood circulation.

Fill the lungs to their maximum capacity and then, keeping the mouth closed, with the use of the vocal chords, practice what can be defined a humming exercise lasting at least 10seconds for each lung full

That way one can vibrate the chest area where the lungs, heart and other body parts are located. Importantly, the lungs are filled to their maximum capacity.

 Maintaining the mouth shut, (refer to paragraph on mask below), and by exhaling, the humming sound generates a vibration movement of the upper portion of the chest. 

The exercise can also be regarded as a breathing exercise having the added benefit of gradually increasing and maintaining the lung’s capacity plus improving the use of the oxygen available in the air we breathe.

 Often, the problem is not the lack of bottled oxygen but the ability of an unfit body to utilize theabundant and free oxygen in the atmosphere. (This exercise could even bring some benefits to patients with lung problems) 

One can apply the same vibration procedure with reference to the brain by producing the humming sound while plugging the ears; this operation will promote the vibration of the brain cells and improve blood circulation with all the relate advantages.

It must be emphasized absolutely clearly that this does not advocate a perfect remedy but just a possible course of action based on a logic reasoning; firstly because is not based on number of cases already trialled but solely on the number of hours of daily practice. 

Nevertheless does not involve complicated medical equipment or medications, but only the use of the body resources freely supplied by nature and available to anyone capable of filling up the lungs, exhaling the air and activate the vocal chords. 

This is something every living person should be able to do, even many times a day; it can be executed by persons of any age, young or old, rich or poor requiring only the willingness to do it; that is without taking into consideration the reduction on the need for hospital beds and importantly no legal challenges.

 Briefly, the moral of the issue is very simple, people must be told clearly, plainly without trying to sugar the reality, that they have to ”GET OFF THEIR BOTTOM SIDE” and do something themselves instead of just waiting for others to act. 

The body does not become stronger by resting it but by using it, but not abusing it. The less you do the less your body is capable of doing.

 If people are prepared to spend 10 – 12 hours a day for their wealth must also find one or more hours for their health. 

Presently all eyes are turned towards a vaccine while the most effective one is resting within ourselves ready to be called, even unconsciously, into action twenty four hours a day and such vaccine is named “IMMUNE SYSTEM”.

 It can also be powerful against future mutations, tolerances or rejections without any side effects and legal implications. The most efficient way used by nature to manage this virus, and any subsequent ones, because they keep coming and never stop, is to keep them clear of the human body. 

This explains the existence of the skin which is an impenetrable, barrier unless broken, and other innumerable ways, which when everything else fails, the immune system steps in as a reliable warier; but the system must be strengthened and nursed. 

The line of research and investigation should not only be turned towards the killing of the virus but also education of people to make proper use of the body, as provided by nature, and improving their own immune system because ultimately that is the last barrier to be called in for help to win the battles. 

People have to help their body to help itself and do it on a daily bases, for years not just weeks or months, without excuses or compromises, remembering that a healthy life is directly dependent on: 1) healthy life style, 2) healthy diet, 3) daily exercise.