The clear demonstrations that the human body is nature’s most perfect creations are undeniably innumerable. The body must certainly be recognised as miraculous masterpiece of perfect muscular coordination in all its components. Anyone, for a clear explanation, can simply pay attention and consideration to the every day’s activities and thank nature for what has achieved and developed through the centuries of human life.

If for example, we can examine one activity in particular because it exemplifies and encompasses the cooperation and participation of every parts of the body starting from the very top (the brain) down to the very bottom of it (the big toes of the feet).

 Starting from the top, as soon as the eyes are fixed and concentrate on the golf ball every muscles automatically springs in readiness and prepares to accomplish the new desired task. 

With the eyes fixed on the ball the head stiffens maintaining the exact position and blocking the surrounding field of view with all the facial muscles tense preparing to participate, the jaws and teeth clench automatically.

Next comes the neck, including the spinal cord, which assumes a rigid position, the lungs fill up to their maximum capacity, the breathing virtually stops, all happens completely unconsciously as instructed by the brain. 

Still remaining on a very superficial analyses, we will come across the complicated structure of both shoulders packed with muscles and tendons working where and when required in a miraculously synchronized way.

The triple set of shoulder muscles will concurrently participate in lifting the club pushing it on the right position while supplying enough energy required for the strike.

 At the same time all the tendons and muscles of both hands, including the ones of the wrists, all the phalanges even the finger nails, will come into action completing the necessary task of a strong grip of the club.

As mentioned this incredible transformation is of course completely automatic without a direct and conscious intervention of the brain. Furthermore, if this achievement appears astonishing, it certainly does not include the following development.

Not only the abdominal muscle will tense and we can nearly assume that the function of the internal organ appear to stop for the fraction of a second during the final strike. 

With the arms fully stretched, the eyes shift their attention on the trajectory of the ball in the air. The legs will stiffen bending the knees to accommodate the contour of the land. 

If the strike is successful exuberance will pervade the body preparing it for further activity. In my opinion no further explanation is required to justify the statement asserting that the human body is nature’s most perfect creation.

It must be remembered that this perfect creation has to be constantly appreciated and valued but most importantly, this is a constant responsibility of everybody individually!!.