Conviction – Determination – Perseverance – Determination re the incentives this book hopes to inspire 

Please note that the this presentation is not intended to replace or suggest to disregard medical assistance but is simply meant to offer a practical and easy way to follow for overcoming some of the day to day health problems using a layman language and terminology. 

It is also useful to navigate through advises containing terms often hard to understand, hard to remember and even harder to pronounce. It is the result of many years of practical consideration and personal experience.

All these are personal opinions and as such, for their very nature, represent a personal unimposing assessment of the relevant situation.

 On the subject of fighting the constantly recurrence of the so called “corona virus”, with its different Greek alphabetical names and mutations, I wonder if this numerous experts and statisticians are taking into consideration that the human body was gifted, by nature, of what is known as “the immune system”. 

It is undoubtedly the most effective, reliable, tolerable and readily available vaccine, on top of been personally tailored; for this reason people should be reminded to value it ad take care of it, in other words ”HELP YOUR BODY TO HELP ITSELF” and let the body fight the virus.

So far I haven’t heard a single one of these professionals strongly stress the vital role of this amazing individual gift freely offered by nature as our ultimate protection against illnesses similar to the virus. By implication, these expert’s statements, many times, seem to suggest that “people can keep smoking, drinking, eating junk food, not exercising in other words treating their body like a bag of yesterday garbage.

On the contrary, all the attention is directed towards finding innumerable manufactured vaccines and people can just carry on as normal because there is no reason to be concerned, after all they are going to be jabbed and everything will be fine without any effort on their part.

The evidences are certainly painting a different picture accompanied by severe financial and mental repercussions. When panic sets in, common sense is the first victim. The body has the answerif asked.