Snore No More

Warning: The two prerequisites for a successful result from this article are: 1) to believe in the validity of the suggestion. 2) and your ability to achieve it. 

Snoring is a guttural sound of various level and intensity produced by a relaxed pharynx when an individual sleeping with the mouth open inhales an excessive amount of air.

 It should not be classed as a sickness but can be the potential origin of various physical, economical, and social problems therefore capable of affecting the every day’s life of a person. 

 The snoring sound is audible following the inhaling process when the air, sucked in through the mouth on its the way to the lungs, reaches the relaxed soft tissues at the back of the throat making them vibrate a bit like the chords of a musical instrument. 

Snoring must not be confused with sleep apnoea (see appropriate article); in this latter case, the breathing with the mouths open, the greater volume of air on its way to the lungs, causes a back flow within the breathing system by pushing down the soft tissue at the back of the mouth and blocking the inflow of air stopping, therefore, the supply of extra oxygen.

The understanding that this happens only when breathing with the mouth open will provides a logical  explanation on why nature has supplied the body with two nostrils controlling and distributing the air volume going to the larynx and the lungs. 

In the absence of other physical abnormalities and if we accept the fact that snoring is a muscular malfunction, we also have to agree that it can be consciously remedied simply by modifying the specific use of the muscles involved.

 Even if not classed a medical condition, it could come to a point where is important to find a remedy because it might affect social relations to the limit where the snorer is asked to sleep in a different room.

 On the market there is a different variety of products claiming to offer solution but some, at times, could end up been sleep disrupting as much as the snoring itself. If humans needed something extra necessary to live a pleasant life, nature, through the centuries, would have provided it; if it didn’t is simply because all what’s required is already there and is therefore sufficient to use it properly.

 With will power and perseverance is possible to alter the way a person breaths in order to eliminate the snoring problem. There are three ways a person can deliver air to the lungs: one through the mouth, the other through the nose and finally through the mouth and nose and this point is where the attention must be directed. 

With the snoring in mind, breathing through the nose has to be regarded as nature’s plan ”A”, while through the mouth plan “B”, in other words breathing with the mouth must only be considered an alternative for emergencies therefore only use the mouth when necessary.

 The nose serves a triple purpose: 1) filters the air by stopping any unwanted particles from entering the body (including viruses) with a cluster of nasal hair constantly coated with mucus literally trapping them. 

This situation will generate a tickling sensation which can be remedied by simply blowing the nose in a tissue or handkerchief. 2) Warms the air to a tolerant body temperature and finally 3) humidifies it making it suitable to enter throat and lungs without irritating them. 

Consequently, is important to become accustomed to breath with the nose all the time. At first,acquiring such habit, could seem difficult to achieve but on close consideration is not very hard.

 With will power and perseverance the brain will change the way one breaths. Is sufficient to get used to block the back of the throat with the tongue by pushing it against the palate and do that all the time (train the brain).

 It must be done constantly while walking, watching television, or simply just resting; after a while the action will become thenatural way of breathing and occur unconsciously, without thinking, just like swallowing or blinking.

 There is no need to keep the jaws clenched tightly, they can be kept relaxed because the tongue will do the job. Essentially what is required, is to inhale with the nose; it will happen even when the rest of the body is relaxed, because the instruction becomes printed in the brain. Such habit could also be regarded as a physical exercise useful for strengthening the muscles of the back of the throat.


The clearest advantage is obviously the one that it will stop the vibration of the pharynx therefore eliminates the sound of snoring. The way a person lays in bed or sits on a chair becomes irrelevant, laying on the back or otherwise does not matter.

Plus there will be no need to visit specialist and most importantly a person will have a restful night with all the benefits associated including avoiding heated and, at times, offensive discussions.

 As mentioned, breathing with the nose humidifies and warms the air, therefore would also assist in preventing sore throats associated with periods of cold weather. After all, if this is the way nature designed the body to operate one must accept it and approach it with an open mind; in the end, like it or not, nature knows best and on the long or short term no one can claim more knowledge and experience than the human body.