The Mask

Where is the Real and Tangible evidences of its beneficial effect?

Is scientifically accepted that the virus can only enter the body by breathing, in other words through the mouth or the nose since the skin, unless damaged, is considered to be an impenetrable barrier. 

Therefore, looking closely at how the body is formed, the MASKS SOULD NOT BE REQUIRED, essentially is not needed. The statement is based on the consideration that nature has gifted us with the most efficient and effective mask which nobody could ever improve. 

It has all the necessary requirements for a healthy life and is called NOSE. In the absence of other medical or physical conditions, the nose has a triple purpose: 1) filters the air by means of a cluster of nasal hairs constantly coated with mucus, complemented by the nasal cavity, trapping particles and viruses trying to enter the lungs and cause damages.

 Once these foreign particle are stopped they can be eliminated with a simple blow into a tissue or handkerchief because the brain forces us to do that by inducing a tickling sensation. 2) Warms the air to a tolerant body’s temperature and finally, 3) humidifies the air making it suitable to enter the lungs without irritating them. It is essentially a complete air conditioning system freely supplied by nature. 

Consequently, is important to became accustomed to breath with the nose all the time specially because, breathing with the mouth, must be regarded as nature’s plan B and is there as a back-up system. 

It is not too difficult to get used to breathe through the nose, is not necessary to keep the mouth tightly shut and the jaws can be held relaxed, the only requirement is to get into the habit of constantly blocking the back of the mouth with the tongue till the action becomes automatic.

 Essentially do not inhale with the mouthWe are constantly and unsuccessfully trying to imitate and duplicate, instead of using properly, what nature has already provided for us during thousands of years. 

No scientist can claim to possess, on the long or short term, more knowledge and experience than the human body. 

The presently widely used face shield is not only not necessary but it could potentially make a bad situation even worse because the virus does not come at the body like an arrow but. If the person does not breathe exclusively through the nose, the air is sucked under the bottom of the shield directly into the mouth. 

Furthermore considering the fact that (as mentioned) the nose warms and humidifies the air on its way to the lungs, this could very well bring a collateral benefit to prevent sore throat during the period of cold weather (winter sore throats). 

As for the mask, if humans needed something extra for surviving through the centuries, nature would have provided it, if it did not provide any extra is simply because is already there.