Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Considering the shortness of time spent in researching and the so intensely promoted vaccination against “covet 19”, it could be suggested that a much more cautious approach should be carefully considered when it comes to pregnant women.

By interfering with the mother’s immune system, the long term effect on the unborn baby and in particular on the forming foetus is totally unknown. Let’s just cast back the mind for few years and recall the devastating effect of what was then considered a wonder drug “Thalidomide” and bring back those horrible memories. Manipulating and pushing nature around never produces pleasant consequences.

Regardless of which one of the innumerable vaccines we are referring to, not one has provided clear and lasting information on the effects and consequences regarding this particular health aspect.

Time and urgency of finding a remedy, expected by the general public, pushed by political interference wanting to show that something is done, have put a constraint on the research effort.

Another powerful force is obviously the enormous availability of money on offer and, as often occurs, money tends to cloud the memories disregarding reality which always come to the surface.

When panic sets in common sense is the first victim. It takes courage and conviction to tell the majority what the majority want to hear while, on the other hand, is very comfortable and convenient to tell them what they like to be told and clear them of their responsibility. But ultimately reality cannot be changed and always ends up surfacing.

In this particular case the effect can be irreversible and the suffering lasting a life time. In future, it will not help to say “I am sorry but I was wrong”. The pains and sense of guilt, which are immeasurable, are not just limited to the person directly involved, but they incorporate a whole number of persons dealing with the individual affected.

With this in mind, it would be much more important to sensibly concentrate, better use and improve the personalized miraculous gift offered by nature, always available, always effective and safe called “immune system”.

This invaluable gift has successfully protected the human body for thousands of years and now, for some reason, is brushed aside as almost irrelevant and replaced by the superior human intelligence.

 In babies and young individuals, by muting with vaccination the constantly developing immune system, we run the risk of creating a generation of individuals mentally and attitudinally, permanently depending on medications, as the children grow the immune system would grows with them ready to face future health challenges.

 Is sufficient, for example, to consider how the children living in underdeveloped countries where, even if plying amongst appalling healthy condition, many of them still survive.