Vaccines and the Immune System

With these considerations, is almost impossible not to feel and recognise a profound admiration and respect at how nature has put together the human body and managed to keep it alive for so long in spite of some seemingly unsurpassable deadly obstacles.

One must always rely on the body when faced by problems of this nature and ask oneself what I could do to avoid them and prevent them. Often, even if unpleasant, reality is what it is and does not change just because one wishes it to be different or because is brushed aside. 

Sooner or later it will surface again and again, denying it is like wanting to keep an inflated ball under water, one can keep pushing it down but in the end it will always come to the surface. 

Reality can, many times, be neglected for different reasons such as because the hard truth is too unpleasant or because most people do not like to be told what to do and “they” have to do it and confront it with pure determination.

 It takes courage and conviction to tell the majority what the majority does not want to hear on the other hand is much more comfortable and convenient to tell them what they like to listen.

It does not make much sense to blame the government, the vaccine and other events by pointing the finger around; very often one has to look squarely into the mirror and say “That is me and is up to me”. I am the one responsible for getting off my back side and do something for myself”. 

Presently, is surprising to notice how and why no member of the medical profession, when talking of vaccine and viruses, etc. has mentioned or stressed the vital importance of the immune system, yet is the most effective, most tolerable and most available vaccine. 

They are instead arguing on the now numerous vaccines available on offer and many more constantly coming with the promise of better results but without really specifying which one is better by clearly stating the long term definitive benefits.

 It would instead be much better to keep working together towards a common goal. It is also unfortunate to notice how people are fed the wrong expectation by the very ones supposed to tell the bear truth. 

The injection (within the limits of my knowledge) does not kill the virus, the body does that, when given the opportunity, in fact, from what can be detected, most people are convinced that once they receive the injection everything is perfectly fine with no other effort required on their part. 

When panic sets in, common sense is the first victim, in reality, the injection, represents the insertion into the body of a small active amount of the virus in order to spring into action the immune system which is the real one expected to act for its elimination.

It does not kill the virus (that is the plain truth that people must remember) therefore, if the immune system is not healthy and strong enough to fight, it would be like letting an intruder enter the house by opening the front door and expect the dog to chase it away. 

Is much more sensible to keep all entries locked and make the intruder goes somewhere else. A god point where to start is BREATH WITH THE NOSE NOT THE MOUTH”. We must ask ourselves why we were gifted by nature with the most effective and reliable air conditioning and filtrating system called: “the nose?” (Seearticle “The Mask)”

What is the reason for having this natural human mask with its three important functions just to have it covered with a piece of material thinking that the virus will run for cover plus also making a person look like an alien from somewhere in space? 

As always, when humans, thinking that they can manipulate and go around the fixed rules of nature also pushed by their eagerness, self-reliance and at times arrogance, invariably pay a severe penalty. 

Why all this argy bargy when all the genetic information is contained within the body, the saliva swap, the blood plus all other parts of this miraculous composition and are ready for investigation and discovery ?  

TgA or FdA should not be regarded as the ones to determine and suggest if a vaccine is tolerable on the long term because nobody is in possession of sufficient knowledge;  the body does that by banking on thousands years of experience. 

Have we forgotten the devastating results caused by the untested drug which was supposed to remedy the pregnancy pains? Nature is not in a hurry, it has all the time in the world. The vaccine has been called a miracle but the body itself is a BUNDLE OF MIRACLES.

 Nature’s way of facing this virus and other possible illnesses, constantly and relentlessly attaching, is very simple, just by keeping them away. We must not forget that the human body is a continuous battle ground and that explains the existence of the impenetrable barrier of the skin (unless broken), nasal and ear hair, wacks, etc. etc.; as a last barrier, when all else fails, the immune system steps into action, not with “ifs” or “may be”, just does it.

But the immune system needs constant support and constant help, we must cooperate with it not fight it because nature always wins and here is where the suggestion: “HELP YOUR BODY TO HELP ITSELF” becomes relevant. 

Viruses will mutate, develop resistance and come back over and over again in different forms and strengths, they keep coming never stop like the years never drop. 

The best warrior against the many variants, always present and ready to fight, is the immune system which must be nurtured and appreciated since that is the best one, and at time the only one, that can defeat them. 

But people must learn to pay attention to it, listen and make a proper use of it making the wellbeing their sole responsibility. It makes little sense to get immunised and then continue drinking, smoking and treating the body like a bag of rubbish, because it would be like banging the head against the wall plus taking tablets for headache.  

After all, is much more convenient to rely on some medical and other assistance because one can shift the blame on others but the fact remains that those who are not prepared to face reality and do something about it will end up paying the price, the common saying used to be: “survival of the fittest”.

 On close consideration, is likely that those who receive the injection, since the virus implies the insertion of a live virus directly into the body, the person would become infected consequently become potential spreaders even when asymptomatic.

Should they be tested, chances are, they could test positive adding to the number of infected cases. There is no doubt that the medical technology has advanced immeasurably but ultimately, when searching for health remedies, the efforts seem to be directed towards imitating, copying, duplicating, asking “WHY” and “HOW” the body is so successfully doing what has been doing for thousands of years. 

That is why we cannot afford to neglect its important guide lines and stop the squabbling, maybe the body has the real answer if asked. Remember that is only when one feels sick that one realizes how well one feels when feeling well. The human body is one of the most perfect complete nature’s creation.